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Baptism (Christenings)

Baptism (also known as christening) is the sign of a decision to follow Jesus in the journey of faith. By being baptised, a person joins God’s community, the church. Parents often bring young children to be baptised, but young people and adults of any age can also be baptised.
Can I have my child baptised?

You do not need to be a baptised Christian yourself to have your child christened.


However, during the service you will promise to bring your child up in the Christian faith and as part of the Christian community, and you should think seriously about how you intend to do this.


Although as parents you will take the primary responsibility for this, you will also have the help of godparents and the local church.

If you have not been baptised yourself, the christening of your child can be a good time to consider whether this is a step you would like to take on your own journey of faith.

When will the baptism take place?

Ideally, the baptism will take place during one of the main Sunday services – usually at 10.30 a.m.


The Christian community loves to meet its new members! However, there may be good reasons why this is not possible and dates and times will be discussed during an initial meeting.

I just want to say thank you to God for my child

We can arrange a service of Thanksgiving for the gift of a child either as well as, or instead of, a baptism. It is a simple service to say “thank you” with no promises to be made.

I have never been baptised myself

Don’t worry. This is not unusual and people of all ages can be baptised.


As an adult, you will be making promises and commitments for yourself to follow Jesus in the life of faith.


We run short courses to prepare and help you understand what this means. In the Church of England, the baptism of a teenager or adult is usually followed immediately or closely by confirmation.

What next?

You can find out more about baptism and christening in the Church of England here.


If you would like to discuss further or arrange a baptism for yourself or for your child please contact the Rector.

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